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Thread: How to hide or dismiss a soft keyboard?

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    How to hide or dismiss a soft keyboard?

    I want to hide or dismiss soft keyboard for my activity please let me know how to do that.

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    Tell the Input Method Manager explicitly tohide any visible InputMethods using the
    InputMethodManager.hideSoftInputFromWindow()method .check the code

    public void onClick(View view) { 
    InputMethodManager imm = (InputMethodManager)getSystemService( 
    imm.hideSoftInputFromWindow(view.getWindowToken(), 0); 
    Notice the hideSoftInputFromWindow()take an IBinder window token as a parameter.
    This can be retrieved from any View object currently attached to the window via
    View.getWindowToken(). In most cases, the callback method for the specific event will
    either have a reference to the TextView where the editing is taking place, or the View
    that was tapped to generate the event (like a Button). These views are the most
    convenient objects to call on to get the window token and pass it to the

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