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Thread: wait for a thread to complete under MFC/WIN32

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    wait for a thread to complete under MFC/WIN32

    I have a thread and I want to wait for it for some time. How can I do this either in MFC/WIN32. Please give me some good and basic example code. Thanks.

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    Whenever you create a thread, you will get thread handle. You can then wait to thread on thread handle using WaitForSingleObject API.


    UINT WINAPI ThreadFunc(void *pParam)
    	Sleep(500) ;
    	return 0 ;
    BOOL CTestMFCCodeExpertsDlg::OnInitDialog()
    	CWinThread *pThread = AfxBeginThread((AFX_THREADPROC) ThreadFunc, NULL, 0, 0, 0, NULL) ;
    	if (pThread != NULL)
    		WaitForSingleObject(pThread->m_hThread, 1000) ;//wait for a thread for 1 second.
    	return TRUE;

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