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Thread: Maintaining Values/Visibility of Panels Embedded in a GridView

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    Question Maintaining Values/Visibility of Panels Embedded in a GridView

    I am new to the .Net world. To capture shift information, I have a gridview in which I have embedded a panel which is displayed/hidden using JScript. The user will enter a value for the number of rows in the grid. There is a + in the first column that when pressed, a panel appears. In that panel, additional information will be obtained from the user related to that gridrow.

    I have several issues with which I must deal. I am adding the objects piecemeal; there will be a radio button list, textboxes and checklists. First, there is a radio button list from which the user will identify

    1. On postbacks, the panel disappears.

    2. The selections from radio button within the panel is only maintained when all of the previously selected panels are displayed before each selection. I.E. The radio button is reset for each if I select one, hide it and then select the panel on another row.
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