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Thread: How to close apps in iPhone multitasking?

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    How to close apps in iPhone multitasking?

    I recently got an iPhone 3G. It is working too slow. Why is that?

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    The problem with your iPhone 3G might be that a number of apps are open in the background. The iOS 4 upgrade supports multitasking and where it is good it can be a hassle if you do not manage apps.
    However, it is easy to speed up the phone. Double-press the home button; it will open the multitasker. In bar, there will be a number of apps open in the background. Scroll to the right to see how many apps are open. Press and hold any app; it will make the icons tremble with a small red sign in the top-right corner. Click on the sign of the apps that you do not want to be open in the background.
    Stop all the apps your phone will be back to the speed that you had at the first use.

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