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Thread: find all parent elements

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    find all parent elements

    I have a variable that is a By class. I wish to call FindElements to return the corresponding element as well as all of the parent elements of this By. How do i accomplish this?

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    You can just use XPath to get the parent element until you get to the page root. So something like this:
    public ReadOnlyCollection<IWebElement> FindElementTree(By by)
        List<IWebElement> tree = new List<IWebElement>();
            IWebElement element = this.driver.FindElement(by);
            tree.Add(element); //starting element
                element = element.FindElement(By.XPath("./parent::*")); //parent relative to current element
            } while (element.TagName != "html");
        catch (NoSuchElementException)
        return new ReadOnlyCollection<IWebElement>(tree);

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