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Thread: Functional in Where-Clause

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    Functional in Where-Clause

    I've got an association table that groups accounts together. and i'm trying to select a subset of table 'target'.
    Is it possible to write a function that returns a list of account_ids (as some form of collection) that would facilitate the above code?
    Here is what i wrote :
    p_group_id := 3;
    select *
    target t
    where  t.account_id in get_account_ids(p_group_id);

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    Simply Write that :
    select * from   target t
    where  t.account_id in 
           ( select aa.account_id
             from   assoc_account aa
             where  aa.groupid = 7;
    But take care the above query will work if assoc_account.account_id is not Null

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