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Thread: Setting up a proxy on windows 7

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    Setting up a proxy on windows 7

    I have windows 7 and i`d like to set up a proxy . so whenever i browse a web-page it uses the proxy instead of the real connection , i tried going to each web browser and modify the proxy each time i connect and this is painful because i got more than 3 network interfaces like usb modems and i change between them from time to time , so i have to change the proxy settings each time i change the network interface

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    Okay i am going to tell you how to define a certain proxy settings for each network connection , and whenever you use that network connection , the proxy that is related to it will work automatically.
    Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab > Add(networks) > Lan Settings > Checkbox use proxy > type the address and port and here you are , continue the same step for each network connection

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