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Thread: Remotely shutdown a pc

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    Remotely shutdown a pc

    I am a manager on a company and i am supervising group of employees and i`d like to manage their computers , i could figure how to manage their computers well , but there is one thing missing, is that i want to shutdown their computers remotely over the network .
    Is there anyway to do that ? and thanks in advance .

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    If you using Windows operating system , then do the following :

    1) Start > Run > CMD
    2) Then when the Command prompt pops up > type shutdown -i
    3) A popup windows will appear , click ADD and type the computer name over network
    4) Choose what to do with this computer [Shutdown , restart , etc....]
    5) Choose whether or not to display a warning
    6) write an comment and hit OK

    * This will do whatever you want to the computer [shutdown , etc.....]
    * You must be on a LAN not WAN otherwise the operation will fail

    [HINT] : to get the computer names available over the network just type the command : netview on CMD

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