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Thread: Save Cisco Device configuration

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    Save Cisco Device configuration

    I have Cisco Router 2811 and i`d like to save the configuration on router somewhere in device storage and when device reload for some reason i could be able to relaod the configuration without typing them again as it is really painful.

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    You can save the running configuration on the router to startup configuration , okay so how it works firstly ?
    - When your router boots up it looks for something called Startup-Config file , if it is not found then it will start without any configuration , this is bad of course if you had a lot of configurations on the router and some power failure occurred, then you will have to re type commands again.

    In cisco IOS , you can save the Running Configurations on RAM to Start-up Configurations on NVRAM , by typing that command :
    DEVICE#copy running-config startup-config
    * Note that the mode where i typed the command is the privilege mode.

    And to erase the Start-up Config :
    Device#erase startup-config

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