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Thread: Disable cdp broadcasts

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    Disable cdp broadcasts

    I have a small cisco networks , consist of 2 switches and one router , that router is connected to Internet , and i knew that my router is sending a cdp broadcasts for the public , it is not a big deal , but to ensure more security i`d like to disable the cdp broadcasts to Internet .
    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes , you can do that :
    for example : the router is connected to internet on fa0/4 and it sends it`s cdp to the public
    You will need to disable cdp broadcasting on that port and to do that :
    Router(config)#int fa0/4
       Router(config-if)#no cdp enable
    AND if you want to disable the cdp broadcast on the whole network on a certain device like Router for example:
       Router(config)#no cdp run

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