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Thread: Set Priority to realtime

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    Set Priority to realtime

    Some of you might have some applications that are slow , like games for example ? , maybe your game is running but not smooth enough and you want to let the computer resources focus on that game most of the time , so the game won't be slow right ?

    So i though what if i created a small tool that set some process's to Realtime priority.

    How can i do that in C# ?
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    The basic idea is to locate that application in task manager and right click and assign priority to RealTime.
    And i'll show you how to do that in C# , the code is so simple .

    1- Retrieve all processes
    2- choose the one you need to assign priority to it.

    c#[.NET 2] CODE :
                foreach (Process p in Process.GetProcesses())  // Retrieve all processes
                    if (p.ProcessName.Contains("processName")) // pick your process where processname could be firefox for example.
                        p.PriorityClass = ProcessPriorityClass.RealTime; // assign priority
    ** P.S : Assigning a process to realtime could affect the other processes , for example if a game`s priority is realtime and you have a music in the background running , the music may flicker(Stop/play/stop/play , etc......)

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