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Thread: Record games for gameplay review

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    Record games for gameplay review

    I want to start my youtube channel and i`d like to record my self while playing so i could create a gameplays , i tried so many game recorders but all seem to have a problem and not smooth at all , actually my graphics card is not that high and i can`t record while playing.
    So i would really appreciate if you suggested a game recorder to me .

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    I am actually using a program called FRAPS , it is very awesome , i tried gamecam before but it was not that great like fraps.
    Fraps does not take much resources at all , when i am playing , i don`t feel that system is slow.
    My computer Spec :
    Processor : Core2Duo > L2Cashe : 2MB
    RAM : 3GB DDR2
    VGA : 128 INTEL GMA 4500MHD
    Spec are low , huh ? , so fraps is your perfect solution just like me.

    But take care : The video produced from Fraps could exceed 10GB , CRAZYYYYY RIGHT ? , well that`s because as mentioned in their website that fraps is smooth as it wont analyze and encode every captured frame .
    Oh well , SOLUTION ? yes there is a solution , but firstly provide a large free space , then use some video converter software , that will take the 10GB Video down to 20MB or maybe less

    Good luck.
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