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Thread: Remote assist

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    Remote assist

    I am currently facing a problem on my computer and i want a friends to assist me to solve that problem , but he lives far away and he is the only one i know who could solve the issue i am facing , so i was wondering if there is a way he could take control of my computer and use it as he is actually using it without coming over ?

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    There is a program called Team Viewer , you can Download it from HERE , you can setup a remote control session and provide your friend with the your ID and password so he could login to your pc and take control over it.
    He will actually use it as if he is actually near to you.
    That should be the perfect solution for your issue.
    Finally Good luck.

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    Remote assist

    I just ran into a issue I never have before. Why is the registry different when using remote registry compared to when you use regedit locally?

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