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Thread: Custom Shortcut on windows desktop

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    Custom Shortcut on windows desktop

    I noticed after installing a certain program , it placed a shortcut for itself inside desktop context menu , so i was wondering if i could add custom shortcut , as there is many applications that i want to quick get to it.

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    That can be actually done by using Windows Registry , okay i`ll tell you how to do that

    a- Go to Start > Run > Regedit
    b- Once Regedit has been opened , choose : HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell
    c- Right click on Shell and add New > Key and name it whatever you want
    d- once key has been created and you gave it a name , click on the key you just created and double click (Default)
    e- A small popup dialog should appear , type in Value Data: the shortcut name you want to place , for example : Run Ms Paint and click OK
    f- Now click on the Key you created on step c , and add a new key under it [Sub Key] , add New > Key and name it command
    g- click on command and double click on (Default) and add the path of your application , for example : C:\\Windows\\system32\\mspaint.exe and click ok

    ** The above example added a shortcut for Paint
    ** You can modify the path on step g , for the certain application you want to open when shortcut is clicked.

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