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Thread: Routing between Vlans

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    Routing between Vlans

    Okay , now i created two different vlans 10 and 11 and i configured switches and trunks and everything seems to be working fine , but i want to route between these two vlans , how could i do so ?

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    There is a well known Routing between vlans method called : Router ON a Stick , you can actually achieve that by adding a router to your network and connect it to any swtich inside your network.
    Okay , lets say you have connected the router with the switch via Interface FA0/0 , now what we are going to do is using sub interface method.
    We are going to split the FA0/0 to FA0/0.10 and FA0/0.11 , 10 and 11 does not have to be the same as vlan number , i am just making it that way to be easy to understand but however it could be FA0/0.1 through FA0/0.15645988 , or whatever you want , but we will stick with .10 and .11

    Important note before we begin : DO NOT give the interface FA0/0 an ip address , just give it a no shut command so it could be operative.
    AND : set the interface that connects the switch to router to TRUNK

    Router Configuration :

    interface FastEthernet0/0.10
     encapsulation dot1Q 10
     ip address
    interface FastEthernet0/0.11
     encapsulation dot1Q 11
     ip address

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