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Thread: What is ASSERT and how it is useful?

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    What is ASSERT and how it is useful?

    Hi All,

    What is ASSERT and how it is useful?

    How it is different than VERIFY?


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    ASSERT works in Debug mode only.
    ASSERT evaluates an expression specified it as an argument. If it is false then it asserts an message to User while Debugging.

    Please note that ASSERT does not work in Release mode.

    This is where VERIFY comes in picture. VERIFY works in both Debug and Release modes.

    Following is the example:

    void UseAssert()
    	ASSERT( -1 >= 0) ;
    	char *pPointer = new char[10] ;
    	ASSERT(pPointer != NULL) ; 
    	delete pPointer ;
    	pPointer = NULL ;
    	ASSERT(pPointer != NULL) ; 
    	char *pVerify = NULL ;
    	//this works in both debug and release modes.
    	//please note that you should **not** use ASSERT here else in release build, pVerify will always be NULL! 
    	VERIFY( (pVerify = new char[10]) != NULL) ;
    	delete pVerify ;
    	pVerify = NULL ;

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