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Thread: HTTP Post

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    HTTP Post

    I have data to POST using HTTP but i don't know how.
    Actually i have a website and i am trying to create a bot that creates accounts on my website.
    So , what are the steps for doing that?
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    Firstly you need a tool called : HTTPFOX , that`s actually a firefox plugin that will monitor HTTP Requests like GET and POST
    Secondly we will look at the generated HTTP POST and try to make up another one and send to server.

    Steps :
    1) go to cashu signup page for example using firefox
    2) turn on httpfox by holding (SHIFT + F2)
    3) click Start
    4) fill the signup form [i used Username : ccexpert , Email : itshouldwork@mail.com , Country : Egypt(20) , Mobile : 115113705 , Security Question : Your mother`s maiden name , Answer : name]
    5) Click I agree and create account

    Here is a snippet of the POST Value :
    Read it and you will see that the information i entered are all send as a POST Request.
    And that POST data are sent to server VIA link :
    Now can i manipulate the POST data to create accounts using a simple application right?
    Yes , you can , but it could only work for poor insecure websites , i mean in encrypted web pages , the POST data are sent with an generated check code and if you tried to make up one , you will fail , actually i have not tried that , but i am giving you the concept.

    Okay , so how can i do that in C# ?

                // this is what we are sending
                string post_data = "lang=en&maktt=ac71e0079799a57cc6616312cbbbaf84&source=&arabiclabel=&englishlabel=&pageurl=&virtual=&blackUserId=&termsValue=off&userName=ccexpert&emailAddress=itshouldwork%40mail.com&mobileCountryCode=20&mobileNumber=115113705&question=1&securityAnswer=name&promotionalCode=&turningImage=5663";
                // this is where we will send it
                string uri = "https://www.cashu.com/CLogin/registerFormNext";
                // create a request
                HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)
                WebRequest.Create(uri); request.KeepAlive = false;
                request.ProtocolVersion = HttpVersion.Version10;
                request.Method = "POST";
                // turn our request string into a byte stream
                byte[] postBytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(post_data);
                // this is important - make sure you specify type this way
                request.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";
                request.ContentLength = postBytes.Length;
                Stream requestStream = request.GetRequestStream();
                // now send it
                requestStream.Write(postBytes, 0, postBytes.Length);

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