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Thread: Creating a simple DLL using VC++

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    Creating a simple DLL using VC++

    Creating a simple DLL using VC++

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    a. Create a "WIN32 Project" in VS 2005.
    b. Type "MyFirstDLL" name
    c. Select application type "DLL"
    d. Press Finish.

    Add following function in the MyFirstDLL.cpp source file:

    extern "C" void __declspec(dllexport) DisplayMessage(char *pszMessage)
    	if (NULL != pszMessage)
    		char szMessage[100] ;
    		sprintf(szMessage, "Hi %s from DLL!!!", pszMessage) ;
    		OutputDebugStringA(szMessage) ;
    You can load the DLL using this article: http://www.codeexperts.com/showthrea...oad-a-DLL-in-C

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