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Thread: Manually change STP priority

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    Manually change STP priority

    I have a small company network with default STP configurations , and the root bridde is an old switch which slows down the network and i`d like to make the core switch which is 3000+ series to be the root bridge , i know i can`t change the mac address and i can`t also disable the STP.

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    To manually set a switch to be a Root Bridge then you need to assign the lowest priority to it , and you can do that via :
    CoreSwitch(config)#spanning-tree vlan 1 priority 0
    P.S : 0 is the lowest priority ever and by doing so , then that switch will always be the root bridge.
    P.S : priority increment is : 4096 , i.e : 0 > 4096 > 8192 > 12288 and so on.

    Also it is not recommended to use two root bridges on the same network , you can select a certain switch to be the root for a certain VLAN , so for example if you got 2 VLANS and you have 2 core switches then you may assign each core switch for a different vlan , that will be better than selecting only 1 switch for multiple vlans.

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