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Thread: What is 'auto' keyword in new C++ standard?

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    What is 'auto' keyword in new C++ standard?

    What is 'auto' keyword in new C++ standard?

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    The 'auto' keyword directs the compiler to deduce the type of a declared variable from its initialization expression. The previous meaning of the auto keyword as the specifier for the automatic storage-class is now an error.

    void UseAutoKeyword()
    	//auto keyword can be used like a template...
    	//a. you do not need to specify data type.
    	//b. you must have to initialize the auto variable when it is declared!
    	auto nInteger = 42 ; //this is int!
    	char szMessage[100] ;
    	sprintf_s(szMessage, "Value = %d", nInteger) ;
    	auto szText = "I am a good boy!!!" ; //this is string!
    	sprintf_s(szMessage, "Value = %s", szText) ;
    	std::vector<int> vInts ;
    	for(int nIndex=0; nIndex<5; nIndex++)
    		vInts.push_back(nIndex) ;
    	auto itr = vInts.begin() ;//this is real magic behind using 'auto' keyword!
    	for(; itr != vInts.end() ; itr++)
    		sprintf_s(szMessage, "Value = %d", *itr) ;
    a. For more information : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd293667.aspx
    b. Above example is compiled using VS 2010.

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