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Thread: Route Packets between two remote networks

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    Route Packets between two remote networks

    Our company has two networks connected with each other via Serial link , the first network has ip address : and the second network has ip address : , both SubNet mask : , the problem is packets from Network A aint reaching Network B , all i got is an error :
    Destination Net Unreachable
    By the way , my local IP address for Network A is : and for Network b :
    So , what could be the solution ?
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    It seems to be an IP Routing issue , but it is simple , just two lines of code for each router
    But before applying that solution , try pinging Router B from Router A
    If the ping was successful then continue to the ip route fix :

    On Router A
    RouterA(config)#ip route Serial 0/1/0
    On Router B
    RouterB(config)#ip route Serial 0/1/0
    That should fix your issue..

    But what if Pinging between Router A and B was not successful ?
    Then it would be a clock rate issue.
    Just go to your DCE port and set a clock rate on it [e.g : int serial 0/1/0 >> then >> clock rate 64000]
    That will set a clock rate [speed] on the wire of 64Kbps

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