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Thread: What is DLL Hell issue?

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    What is DLL Hell issue?

    What is DLL Hell issue?

    Cannot I install more than one DLL for many application on the same machine?

    How to resolve this issue?

    Any guide-lines?

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    Ley say that you have an application App.exe.

    App.exe uses a third party MyComponent.dll.

    App.exe uses procedures exported by MyComponent.dll.

    If a new version of MyComponent.dll is released then App.exe will need to know that it works correctly with the new version of MyComponent.dll.

    We cannot replace the existing MyComponent.dll without testing. And you cannot install same DLL in the App.exe directory!

    Using new version of MyComponent.dll, App.exe may work incorrectly!

    This is the DLL hell issue.

    There are some way to resolve this issue.

    .Net has solution to this issue by using dll side by side.

    An .Net application can load the two diffferent version of the same DLL side-by-side. You can specify which version of the MyComponent.dll needs to be loaded.

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