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Thread: How DLL can call my function in main executable program?

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    How DLL can call my function in main executable program?

    I want a DLL to call my function in main program.

    I can use SendMesage/PostMessage technique but that is not desired in my implementation. There is no GUI.

    Any help?

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    There is a concept called callbacks or function pointer.

    You can use this concept to solve your problem.

    DLL can export a method which accepts a function pointer from the application.

    Application will need to register its function using this method.

    DLL will store this function pointer and execute this method whenever it requires.


    //this definition should be declared in header file so that it can be used by both Application
    //and DLL
    typedef void (*PFNCALLBACK)(void *pUserData) ;
    //RegisterCallback is a method exported from DLL..
    void RegisterCallback(PFNCALLBACK pfnCallback)
    	//DLL will store the pfnCallback pointer...
    	//Whenever DLL needs to call application function...
    	//It will make following call.

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    Great, this is what I wanted. Thanks.

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