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Thread: Restoring a specified window to its position?

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    Restoring a specified window to its position?

    I have an application that monitors other GUI application.

    User has control to restore the application.

    I need to control application operation like, Minimize, Restoring the application.

    How can I do this using WIN 32 API and Send/Post Message?

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    You can use SendMessage and WM_SYSCOMMAND message identifier.

    void SendSysCommand(int nOperation)
    	HWND hTargetWnd = ::FindWindow(NULL, "TestMFC") ;
    	if (NULL != hTargetWnd)
    		::SendMessage(hTargetWnd, WM_SYSCOMMAND, nOperation, 0) ;
    void UseSysCommand()
    	SendSysCommand(SC_MINIMIZE) ;
    	SendSysCommand(SC_RESTORE) ;

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