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Thread: Remove BIOS PASSWORD

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    Hi , i have a PC and i set up an administrative password on BIOS setup so none of my kids play with these settings,
    but i forgot what the password was and i need to adjust bios settings and i do not know what to do!
    I`d be really thankful if you told me a way i could buypass bios password or even reset it.

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    BIOS password restting is easy , make sure you follow these steps and you will be fine :
    1) Unplug the power from the PC
    2) Take off the PC Cover
    3) Take the battery of the MotherBoard
    4) Wait 5 Minutes
    5) Insert it back into MotherBoard
    6) Plug the power back
    7) Congratulations , the BIOS has been reset

    So the summury of that is : BIOS saves it`s configurations using the CMOD Battery and when you take that battery off
    The PC wont be able to remember the date on BIOS and endup forgetting about it [Reseting part]. And yeah you will have
    to configure the BIOS from the begining but it should be easy anyway.

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