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Thread: Help connecting to internet

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    Help connecting to internet

    I just brought my company`s old cisco router , i deleted the startup configurations from it and reloaded it , i configured the router and it works perfectly on my home lan network , but the problem is i can`t access internet using that router , the router drops every packet is send outside my home network range.
    That router was not used on company to provide an internet access.
    I am not a Cisco IOS expert , but i am not sure if that router has the ability to provide an internet access.

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    Your router is capable of providing internet access that is why it is called router , anyway your problem is a default route problem , and it is easy to be configured .
    The idea of default router is : routing every unknown destination network packet to a specified interface , it is like , graping something and you can`t understand it so you say "UMMM through it there".

    How to configure the Default Router ?
    Say your ISP has an ip addres of :
    Simply you will tell router , whenever you see an unknown network on a packet just give it to the ISP and he will know what to do with it.

    Router(config)#ip route
    Now you can browse the INTERNET without any problem.

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