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Thread: Reduce the Form Flicker

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    Reduce the Form Flicker

    Many of you if you are using specially .net FrameWork2 or any other framework and creating design for your application , you will face a really annoying issue and that is the Form Flickers , is there any solution for that ?
    I would like to create a basic design but the form flickering is so annoying.
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    The old solution is located HERE and it works MORE than awesome.
    But there is an edit for it to work better :
            int originalExStyle = -1;
            bool enableFormLevelDoubleBuffering = true;
            protected override CreateParams CreateParams
                    if (originalExStyle == -1)
                        originalExStyle = base.CreateParams.ExStyle;
                    CreateParams cp = base.CreateParams;
                    if (enableFormLevelDoubleBuffering)
                        cp.ExStyle |= 0x02000000;   // WS_EX_COMPOSITED
                        cp.ExStyle = originalExStyle;
                    return cp;
    But if you still got a little flicker issue then you can place that snippet right After the InitializeComponent();
                this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.UserPaint, true);
                this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.DoubleBuffer, true);
                this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.AllPaintingInWmPaint, true);
                this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.UserPaint, true);
                this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.SupportsTransparentBackColor, false);
                this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.Opaque, false);
                this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.OptimizedDoubleBuffer, true);
                this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.ResizeRedraw, true);

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