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Thread: array reset

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    array reset

    I want to print a list from a mysql database, but the first list item isn't printing because mysql_fetch_array is called twice. I tried reset but it didn't work. What should I do? I have been working on this code for hours and i hope you guys can help me with this.

    here is the code :
    $current_goam = mysql_real_escape_string($current_goam);
    $current_content = mysql_real_escape_string($current_content);
    $note_content = mysql_query("select * from notes where title='$current_content' and goam='$current_goam' and user_id='$user_id'");
    $note = mysql_fetch_array( $note_content );
    if($note['type'] == 'list')
        print "<table>";
        while($note_info = mysql_fetch_array( $note_content ))
            print "<tr><td>";
               echo $note_info['body'];
                print "</td>";
                echo "<td><input type='checkbox' name='complete_goal' value='".$note_info['note_id']."'></input></td>";         
             print "</tr>";
        print "</table>";
        echo $note['body'];

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    try this piece of code instead of reset :
    mysql_data_seek($note_content, 0);

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