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Thread: SVN restore dump is not successfully saved

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    SVN restore dump is not successfully saved

    I have dumped svn to file phpmyadmin.dump

    When i was trying to save dump file to my new repository path with below command line:
    svnadmin load /usr/local/zend/apache2/htdocs/repository/phpmyadmin/ < /home/admin/phpmyadmin.dump
    I got this warning message below:
    <<< Started new transaction, based on original revision 1 svnadmin: File already exists: filesystem 
    '/usr/local/zend/apache2/htdocs/repository/phpmyadmin/db', transaction '1-h', path 'CREDITS' * adding path : CREDITS ...
    Please help me to solve this problem, thanks.

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    When you load a dump, you normally start out with an empty repository. It looks like you're trying to reload your repository into an already existing repository.
    $ cd /usr/local/zend/apache2/htdocs/repository  #Might as well be where the action is
    $ svn create phpmyadmin_new   #You can rename it later
    $ svn load --force-uuid phpmyadmin_new < /home/admin/phpmyadmin.dump
    Now, if you wanted to load this new repository into the current one, you'll have to specify a new blank directory using the --parent-dir argument.
    Remember: just create an empty repository and don't create any directories in it.

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