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Thread: What is static_cast in C++?

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    What is static_cast in C++?


    What is static_cast in C++?

    Is it different than than below?

    char cIndex = 'a' ;
    int nValue = (int) nIndex ;

    Please help.

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    It is one type of explicit conversion.

    when there are two different type and one needs to be converted to another type then we can use static_cast.
    Use it very care-fully. You should not use it for casting different type of classes.

    This is as like C style casting.


    class CDouble
    } ;
    class CInt : public CDouble
    } ;
    void UseStaticCast()
    	//OK to use below example.
    	double dData = 10.0 ;
    	int nData = static_cast<int> (dData) ;
    	//It is risky to cast below pointers.
    	CDouble objDouble ;
    	CDouble* pDouble = &objDouble ;
    	CInt* pInt = static_cast<CInt *> (pDouble) ;

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    Thanks for reply.

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