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Thread: Server Socket Question

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    Server Socket Question

    I have the declaration :
    public ServerSocket(int port,int backlog)throws IOException
    Where backlog is identified as the maximum queue length for incoming connection. If a connection indication arrives when the queue is full, the connection is refused.
    If backlog is set to 15
    Does that mean that ServerSocket will not accept more than 15 successful connections at a time?
    As Mentioned :
        while (serverShouldStillBeRunning) {
            Socket sock = clientSocket.accept();
            js.new Worker(sock).start();

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    backlog represents a queue of connections waiting to be processed.
    When you accept a connection, the connection will be processed, and is no longer in the queue, so the backlog is reduced by one until it is 0
    Then it will not accept any extra connection until one of the being processed connection is done being processed.

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