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Thread: What is dangling pointer?

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    What is dangling pointer?


    What is dangling pointer?

    I heard that they are dangerous.

    How to avoid them?

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    Dangling pointer is a pointer that do not points to a valid pointer and it can cause in-defined or sometimes a crash.

    Below code shows the same:

    void UseDanglingPointer()
    	char *pDanglingPointer = new char[10] ;
    	delete []pDanglingPointer ;
    	//use pDanglingPointer now will crash the application!
    	//pDanglingPointer is dangling pointer
    	//Always pDanglingPointer to null after it gets deleted!
    	pDanglingPointer = NULL ;
    a. Always check your pointer against NULL before use it.
    b. Always assign pointer to NULL after deletion.
    c. Always initialize pointer with NULL or by proper initialization code.

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