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Thread: What is incomplete type in C++?

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    What is incomplete type in C++?

    What is incomplete type in C++?

    Please help.

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    An incomplete type is a type that describes an identifier but it does not defined fully and no required information available.

    It can be the case that a "structure" or "class" or union" name is available but its full definition is not.

    Following issue depicts the same behavior:

    class CIncompleteType ;
    class CCompleteType
    	CIncompleteType objIncompleteType ; //error C2079: 'objIncompleteType' uses undefined class 'CIncompleteType'
    	CIncompleteType *pIncompleteType ; //OK, till we create an object or it gets type definition for class 'CIncompleteType'!
    } ;
    class CIncompleteType
    } ;
    To resolve the compile time error, declare and define CIncompleteType just above the CCompleteType class.


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