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Thread: creating your own DLL Library and using it as API

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    creating your own DLL Library and using it as API

    I'd like to create my own DLL that has all kind of functions i may need.

    Is it possible to create a DLL and how it works ?
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    After that tutorial you should be able to create your Own DLL and use it as an API

    Creating the project :
    1- Open Visual Studio or c# Express
    2- Choose Class Library from Projects
    3- Give it a name and click OK

    Using the Library as an API :
    1- inserting a simple code to print "I Love CodeExperts"
    2- Building the Application
    3- Importing it into another Application

    Coding :
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Text;
    namespace LibOnTheGo
        public class Class1
            public void Print()
                Console.WriteLine("I Love CodeExperts");
    To Build the DLL just press the CTRL + F5 both together in the same time , an Error message will pop up but it is fine now you have built the DLL

    Insert it into Appliation :
    I have created a test console application as the function provides a Console.WriteLine so we will use a console application
    Steps :
    a) Copy the LibraryFileName.dll from debug folder to the debug folder of the console application
    b) Solution Explorer >> Refrences >> RighClick and choose Add Reference >> Browse and choose the LibraryFileName.dll
    c) Now use the namespace :
    using LibraryFileName;
    Main will be :
            public static void Main()
                Class1 c = new Class1();
    The Result will be : I Love CodeExperts

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