Hello all .Net Developers , today i came with a bad news and good news.

Bad News : your source code is in danger , HOW ?!
Anybody can read your source code from application , Again HOW ?!
Well , you may think , hey i gave out my .exe only , so how the hell can they know the source code ?
There is a tool called : .Net Reflector , it disasseble you application and read all the source code.

Good News : You can avoid that by encrypting your source code.
How ?
There is a tool called Eazfuscator.NET Assistant [FREE], what it does ?
It obfuscate your source code [Encrypt it] , so no body can read your body method or functions as it will be unreadable.

* You can try it out.

What can it encrypt ?
- Your .exe file
- Or even your whole .net project.

More details are HERE

Is it enough ?
I have tried that and couldn`t read my source code any more , so for now it does a pretty good job protecting your source code.