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Thread: What is Garbage collection?

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    What is Garbage collection?


    What is Garbage collection and what does it do?

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    Whenever you are working with application , when an integer or a string value has been set or any other stuff you store in application
    is stored in RAM , and when you close the application the whole application`s memory resources is released , that`s called Garbage collection
    but what if you want to free memory during the application is being run.

    lets say you got string number = "123456";

    To do a Garbage collection , you need to do two steps :
    1- make number = null;
    2- do that >>> GC.Collect();

    By that you have release that string memory resources , of course Garbage collection is being used to free up memory usage of 1GB
    because most of applications that import files into it to do some operation or reading file , take a huge amount of RAM.

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