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Thread: MFC application fails to start on target machine. Why?

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    MFC application fails to start on target machine. Why?

    I have a MFC application.

    On star-up, I get following message:

    "This application failed to start because mfc40.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

    What is this?

    How can I resolve this issue?

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    It seems that you are building your MFC application using "Use MFC in a Shared DLL" property.

    In VS IDE, go to Propperty->General->set "Use MFC in a Static Library".

    This avoids the requirement of the runtime MFC library to be present on the target machine and embeds the code with your application.

    This will make size of your executable more than using shared DLL mode.

    Below articles are worth reading:

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