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Thread: create a custom button in java

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    create a custom button in java

    Is there a way to create a JButton with your own button graphic and not just with an image inside the button?

    If not, is there another way to create a custom button in java?

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    Here are the basic steps:

    Create a class that extends JComponent
    Call parent constructor super() in your constructors
    Make sure you class implements MouseListener
    Put this in the constructor:

    Override these methods:

    public Dimension getPreferredSize()
    public Dimension getMinimumSize()
    public Dimension getMaximumSize()
    Override this method:

    public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
    The amount of space you have to work with when drawing your button is defined by getPreferredSize(), assuming getMinimumSize() and getMaximumSize() return the same value. I haven't experimented too much with this but, depending on the layout you use for your GUI your button could look completely different.

    And finally, the source code. In case I missed anything.

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