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Thread: what is the future of WIN32 programming with 64 bit processors and Windows 8

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    what is the future of WIN32 programming with 64 bit processors and Windows 8

    we spent years learning the WIN32 API and how to handle events and windows messages and mouse clicks...etc.
    i have seen all the demos and presentations of Windows 8, it looks like we will have to learn a whole new concept and a new API
    even for phones now, it is either Android or iOS !
    will the WIN32 API become the assembly language in the future !

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    first of all, the name WIN32 was introduced after Microsoft Windows supported 32 bit addressing (as in registers)
    but even after they started supporting 64 bit PCs (most laptops sold in the last 5 years or so ! ) they kept the name, it doesn't mean that a new API needs to be developed
    so it is still named win32 even after supporting 64 bits and with Windows 8 what's more
    don't let the marketing campaign scare you, even Surface, is WIN32 based
    and as for phones, here is a link to relax all those scared of the big G and Apple domination http://news.techworld.com/applicatio...h-c-c-support/
    C++ will never go out of fashion or become like assembly, so far and after decades, Sun Microsystems has failed in promoting Java (in my opinion) as the universal programming language, they started with write once run everywhere and ended up with write once debug everywhere!, i don't see a decent software product on the market selling and taking a share of the market and written in Java, or even C#
    i think our knowledge will be valuable to software development for many more years to come

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