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Thread: Which is better Named Pipe or Socket?

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    Which is better Named Pipe or Socket?

    I am searching for better way to use inter-process communication (IPC).

    There are more ways to implement the IPC.

    I have concluded two ways for it:
    a. Sockets
    b. Names Pipes

    What should I use for my application?

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    It depends upon what kind of application your are making.

    a. Is it for LAN or WAN?
    b. Is it for Local machine only or more than one machine involved?
    c. What could be your target Network environment. Slow/fast?

    a. If it is for local only machine choose Named Pipes.
    b. if it is LAN than you can use Named Pipes for fast network environment.
    c. Other cases should use sockets.

    For more information, you can visit:

    Hope this helps.

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